Lottery Number Generators

If you can't pick a set of lottery numbers yourself, you can use one of dozens of different lottery number generators online. You've probably read (perhaps on this site) that some numbers are chosen more often by lottery gamblers than others. Birthdays are an obvious selection, so you're likely to see the numbers 1 through 12 chosen more often. Athlete numbers or your child's peewee league jersey number are also common options. Since there are other possibilities, many people don't want to have to analyze every aspect of a given number, so they prefer to get a random selection of numbers. The odds that those same numbers are going to be chosen in the lottery drawing are no more or less than a natural selection. Lottery Numbers

Lottery Number includes a number of free random generators for games and gambling. These include the lottery quick pick tool, a Keno quick pick tool, a virtual coin flipper, a dice roller, a playing card shuffler, and a birdie fund generator (for golf courses). Other random drawing resources include a step-by-step guide for third-party draw services, a video that shows you how to use the service, a drawing FAQ, public records of all drawings going back 5 years, a price calculator, and a drawing result widget. If you don't know what a third-party draw service is, it holds fair drawings for any two online people, groups, or teams that need them and don't trust each other. Beyond that, you'll have access to generators for integers, sequences, Gaussian numbers, decimal fractions, and raw random bytes for cryptography.

Lucky Lottery Numbers

You can also choose to find a generator that supposedly offers lucky lottery numbers, if you can believe that. Compiling information on the most frequent hits, you'll be able to go after hot numbers that are hitting right now. Other options include cold numbers, overdue numbers, your birthday, or leaving it to chance. You can also select how many numbers to generate (1, 5, 10). It's odd they don't have a 6-number option. Also, I have a hard time imagining what the different in "least frequent hits" and "haven't hit in a while" are, expect the overdue number might be an expanded list. One interesting feature is the ability to choose numbers for any state lottery game in the nation.

Why Use a Lottery Number Generator?

If you've been reading this site, you're probably asking yourself right now, "Why is he putting links to number generators? I thought he said these things are senseless." Well, I'm hoping taking a look at these websites for a few minutes and playing around with the generators will help you realize how senseless using a number generator is. Now I understand if you just don't want to be troubled and need six numbers quick, though the quick-pick option is even simpler than an online number generator for resolving that problem.

But if you start playing around with these tools, it should show you why it's silly to over-analyze your lottery number. Click on the random number generator at 12:01 am and you might get a 20-30-33-34-47 with a 33 as your Powerball. Click the button at 12:02 am and you might get the number list 15-23-27-35-38 with an 08 as your Powerball number.

Good Random Number Lists

Is either of these set of numbers inherently any better than any others? Do you look at them and say, "Oh, yeah, that's the set I've been looking for. The '27' is a bold choice. I couldn't have imagined that being one of my numbers. Excellent work, RNG." The fact is, these are meaningless strands of numbers that have no bearing whatsoever on the lottery games you're playing. These have the numbers that might win, but the RNG has no better idea which numbers are better than you do.

Random Is Random

The fact is, if your lottery company is using a true random number generator, or any true randomization process, to select numbers, then no number is any more likely to appear than any others. None of the numbers are hot. The cold numbers aren't "due". Each and every drawing is separate from every other drawing. That's a good thing. To analyze the patterns in random drawings makes about as much sense as deriving meaning from the random splotches on a canvas. You probably think modern art is nonsense, but what you're doing is engaging in behavior that's no less preposterous. You're doing what the Romans die with the flights of birds. Their augurs would see the birds flying one direction or another and try to divine the future from these patterns of behavior. The birds might be able to tell the weather that's coming--that's about it.

So use a random number generator on the Internet to come up with your numbers, if you want. Don't assume the randomly selected number list is any more likely to win--or tells you something about the lottery drawing--than any other random list generated. You might as well go to a modern art gallery and try to pick numbers from the shapes you see in the paintings. Or better yet, you might as well find a flock of birds and see which numbers the birds are telling you to select.