Lottery Luck

To win the lottery, luck has to be on your side in a massive way. The chances of winning a lottery jackpot in one of the big 6-number lotto games is so unlikely that the human mind can hardly comprehend the numbers. Sure, you can find thousands of lottery winners dotting the landscape, but that's because billions and billions of lottery tickets have been sold. In 2010, nearly $18 billion in lottery profits were raked in across the United States. That's not the gross revenue from the lottery; it's the net profits after all the prize money has been paid out. Since most lottery tickets only cost $1 and somewhere between fifty-to-sixty percent of money spent on lottery tickets are paid out, I would suggest tens of billions of lottery tickets are sold in the USA alone every year.

In fact, lottery revenues outstrip revenues from the state corporate income taxes in 11 U.S. states. Since this is the land of capitalism and corporations make more revenue here than any other place on Earth, that's an astonishing figure. People love the lottery, but the odds of winning the big jackpot amounts are simply out-of-this-world.

Lucky Lottery Winners

Luck, the Lottery, Magic Spells, and Negative EnergyThe people you hear about who win the lottery have just been given a freakish amount of luck. With all these lottery tickets in circulation, someone is certain to win the big $100,000,000 jackpots eventually. The numbers dictate that someone has to hold the winning numbers after a certain interval. Whoever is that random person to get the windfall just experienced a pure mathematical fluke.

Of course, some writers about the lottery would suggest that the kind of lottery luck doesn't exist. They suggest that people who win the lottery are examples of positive thought. Their attitude is what wins the lottery for them. These bloggers and net authors conjure up a philosophy that's one-half Norman Vincent Peale and one-half John Edward.

Positive Attitudes and Lottery Luck

Winning the Lottery by Getting Rid of Negative Energy

A lot of new age nonsense gets spouted all the time, and one of these new age ideas that the hippie dippies love to talk about is "getting rid of negative energy." Some of the hippie dippies want you to believe that winning the lottery by getting rid of negative energy is a real possibility--even a probability!

I've found website after website that suggests lottery winners are lucky because they had a unique brand of positivity that brought them good karma. You'll even see one site where a supposed lottery winner claims their positive attitude is what won them the lottery. This drivel is found where people want you to buy their lottery winning ebook.

Enough of these scams exist that it spawned a lottery luck spoof site, which purports to give you the power to win the lottery through self-hypnosis and subliminal messages (presumably to yourself). If you pay roughly $199.00, they claim to be able to teach you how to get the winning lottery numbers in your dreams or use your dream powers to get rid the negative energy holding you back. The huge cost spoofs those books that sell for $20 to $40 offering to give you lottery secrets. At least I hope that content is a spoof site.

A Pick Lottery Numbers Spell - Seriously - Magic Spells to Help You Win the Lotto!

Even if it were for real, it wouldn't be the most brazen attempt to take your money for fake lottery help. The California Astrology Association still sells a "Bingo Sweeps Lottery" spell for $29 that's supposed to help you win the lottery. If you can't find it, you'll find that selection right above the Etruscan love spell.

What's funny is I've never heard of one person who claimed some outfit like the CAA helped them win the lottery with a luck spell. Even if the person didn't want to give out their secret so they could hoard it all for them and their friends, you'd think you'd have heard about this one person who had won the lottery a dozen times or so. Maybe these spells work on some karmic level and any person only gets one lottery victory in a lifetime.

Have you ever heard of something as inane as a "pick lottery numbers spell?" It sounds like something that someone would make up for a bad urban fantasy book or something.

Chances of a Lottery Win

Or maybe their spells are fake, which I suspect is the truth. In turn, I can't help but think the people who've all won the lottery weren't dead-set certain they were going to win. I bet it's a pretty good cross-section of average folks, meaning some were optimists, but a good number were pessimists, too.

You might say that buying a lottery ticket is an act of optimism. That confuses hope with confidence, though. A person can hope for big success and, at the same time, have a sinking feeling that success isn't going to come. The problem with asking a person about their big lottery win as that hindsight (and a little revisionism) makes prophets of us all. A person winning the lottery is likely to see signs they were going to win that were never they never picked up on when their big jackpot scenario was unfolding.

The Luckiest Man Alive

Maybe lottery luck is just a random event that happened to somebody, because it had to happen to someone. We all know someone is eventually going to hold the winning ticket, which is why we buy a Mega Millions or Powerball ticket in the first place. It's just a matter of whether the lightning strikes you or someone standing 2,000 miles away.

Positive Thinking and Success

The moral of this story is that positive thinking does lead to success in life. I'd say a vast majority of the successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, generals, and politicians in this world were optimists. Some believe in themselves so much that it borders on self-idolatry. But that inner wellspring of optimism and positivity is what keeps them going when the whole world seems set against them and a pessimism would look at the indicators and give up. That's when positive thought translates into success.

By that token, I argue that buying a lottery ticket is not exhibiting the same brand of positive thought. In fact, you're conceding you might not (or think you won't) have success in your business or career. Instead, you're willing to buy a ticket and hope the fortunes of the lottery smile on you. Whether you accept what I'm saying or not, I suggest it's good advice to proceed like I'm right. Be as positive as you can be about winning the lottery through cosmic good luck, but proceed through the rest of your day like that's not going to happen. Most importantly, save some of the positive thought for the daily routines of your life. Maybe it's not the act of an optimist, but I'll call hard work and dedication to your everyday tasks a form of hedging your bets.